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  • According to Wired magazine, human cloning has probably already been done somewhere.  Is this true and why are we so late into the game?

  • As Jeff Spicoli said in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, "Those dudes are bogus!" Also, some delays in the UltraSPARC-III schedule and quality problems with our SRAM suppliers made it impossible to deliver this technology until now.

  • Won't this technology be controversial or uncomfortable for our customers and partners?

  • So was the Internet in 1982, the web in 1994, and Java in 1995.  Tell your customers to learn to deal with these things and sell, sell, sell!

  • How big is this market expected to be?

  • The Government estimates this to be a 14.7 trillion dollar market by 2005.

  • When we did this planetization many years ago, it didn't really work out that well. Is this similar?

  • Absolutely not.  We are making clones of humans by grabbing their DNA and then mapping it into Java classes.  We are not cloning Sun planets like Sun Toner Cartidge or Sun Floppy Disk that really never stood a chance to be successful.

  • I am surprised that our Board of Directors approved our getting into this market.  Was this an issue?

  • Scott controls that group, so we just asked him.

  • I am very surprised to hear that Scott is OK with this.

  • Scott currently has five SunCLONE ONEs at his house and is very happy with them.

  • If this is true then why are we not offerring a Scott McNealy SunCLONE ONE?

  • The main reason is that they have a tendency of jumping in the car  and heading off to the golf course at any given time and we are trying to identify the patch for this.  Patching JDNA is a challenge, but we believe that we will have this taken care of in the next release and that the Community Source program will provide millions of free developers to track down bugs like this.

  • I have heard of nanotechnology but what is attotechnology?

  • Nanotechnology is at the nanometer level.  After that is picotechnology, femtotechnology and then attotechnology. Attotechnology is 7 to 9 orders of magnitude smaller than nanotechnology.

  • I am a sales representative, what are you talking about?

  • Nanotechnology is very, very, very small.  Attotechnology is very, very, very, very, very small.

  • I am a TE and your last answer made no sense.  How big is this in real life terms?

  • A nanometer is 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair or roughly 10 times the size of a hydrogen atom.  Attotechnology is roughly a million to a billion times smaller that that.

  • How does the JMRI work?

  • By working with the two primary MRI vendors we have created a JVM based on a quantum computer that is capable of mapping the human brain into JDNA to create the first true integrated hardware/software stack.  There are 32,409 patents on this aspect of the technology that can best be summarized as, "Kids, don't try this at home!"

  • I understand that we are leasing/auctioning out time on the SunCLONE ONE's but will we sell these at any price?

  • No.

  • Any plans on making this open technology?

  • Community source discussions are on-going, but this is the most significant invention since the wheel, the transistor, and the microprocessor combined.

  • You stated that there will be JDNA kits available at grocery and convenience stores, why not do a mass mailing to everyone on planet Earth?

  • Good question.  We have also secretly purchased the rights to examine the security camera tapes in the stores so we can follow-up with those people who pick up JDNA kits just in case they do not fill out their registration cards.

  • Sounds like a privacy issue here.

  • This is why we are using a totally separate subsidiary, like we did with SunFed.

  • How does this drive server sales?

  • Keep in mind that we are not selling these units, but will auction off time on these systems.  We will need large servers to track all these clones and to handle the real-time bidding for services.

  • I am quite concerned about the social, ethical and political issues around this technology.  How will we handle the onslaught of complaints?

  • Three simple words for any complaint: "Get over it".

  • The people who invented this technology must be absolutely brilliant and wonderful human beings.

  • They are.  Check out


  • How were we able to embed MAJC processors in kevlar?

  • You know how John Gage used to like to say back in the 90's, "Everything is just bits."   Well that is very *last century* thinking.  Today we like to say, "Everything is just an atom."

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Southern Area

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